Need A Test For Love And Marriageability? Try A Plant

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"Our love fern! You let it die!"

So you think you’ve found your soulmate - the person you’ll spend the rest of your life with. How can you be sure? You could try traveling abroad together, various online quizzes, or the family Christmas dinner tryout. But if you’re looking for the best litmus test for a long-term relationship, buy your Valentine a plant.

Plant the Seeds of Intimacy

Think flowers and plants are gifts just for women? The Society of American Florists reports an increase in the number of floral deliveries to men. Research shows giving flowers and plants to either gender promotes more open communication. When we receive flowers and greenery, we make better eye contact and we feel a sense of worthiness.

Worried flowers may seem too feminine and short-term? Plants may be perceived as more masculine and with proper care, they’re permanent and more eco-friendly. A plant is also a daily, weekly, and monthly, reminder of how much you’re appreciated.


Remember those lima beans you planted in the first grade? If we learned anything it’s that caring for a living thing and watching it grow takes perseverance and patience. Plants sometimes hibernate, go dormant, or fail to bloom when you expect. They can require the same amount of patience and determination as a marriage. Wondering what kind of plant to buy? Start with an annual that can be transplanted into the garden where it will flourish with proper care.


Owning a plant is a responsibility. It takes a steadfast person to remember when to water, prune, and re-pot. As a living thing, a plant requires continuous and consistent time, care, and attention. Unlike a pet or a child, there’s no barking, meowing, or crying to let you know it needs attention.

Like a spouse, you’ll often have to second-guess just what your plant needs - before it wilts.


No matter how busy your partner is, if they care they’ll make time for you. Plants need care. Without water, fertilizer, and tweaking the temperature, plants will wither. Now’s the time to find out if your sweetheart is willing to go the extra mile by using good soil, considering shade and light sources, researching the plant, keeping pests and pets away?

This type of care demands nurturing and attentive qualities - the same qualities that make for a successful marriage.



Every plant owner messes up at some point by overwatering, underwatering, sunlight exposure and temperature changes. Making adjustments, re-evaluating, and learning takes dedication, problem-solving, and awareness — all necessities needed in a secure and devoted relationship.

And when the plant bounces back, it’s a sign of hope and the ability to recover from mistakes and face reality with humor and compassion.

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