Quiz: Only A True Pageant Queen Can Pass This Pageant Challenge. Can You?


Do you think you have what it takes to be the next Miss America?

A quiz containing questions regarding beauty pageants including terminology, the big four beauty pageants, and more!

 Jun 26, 2017
1 of 12Pick the correct answer!
Butt glue is used to ___.
keep you in your seat
make sure your swimsuit doesn't move
take someone else's talent
2 of 12Pick the correct answer!
Looks are the only thing taken into consideration for beauty pageants.
3 of 12Pick the correct answer!
Who is Miss Universe owned by?
Donald Trump
Bill Clinton
Bill Gates
4 of 12Pick the correct answer!
Miss USA contestants are only allowed to compete for the title once.
5 of 12Pick the correct answer!
Which competition is known mostly for its scholarships?
Miss America
Miss Universe
Miss USA
6 of 12Pick the correct answer!
What are "flippers"?
fake teeth
someone who trips on the stage
a type of sandal
7 of 12Pick the correct answer!
What is "pro am"?
a type of dress
the name of the judges
elaborating modeling routines
8 of 12Pick the correct answer!
What is a "judge's bio"?
a resume the contestants make up for the judges
when the judges hang out
something you mess up on
9 of 12Pick the correct answer!
What is "natural"?
the judges in a pageant
the runners up
a pageant style that's less glitzy
10 of 12Pick the correct answer!
There are ___ international beauty pageants.
11 of 12Pick the correct answer!
Which of the following is very common way for pageant girls to get energy?
Drink a ton of coffee
Down a couple Red Bulls
Pixie Sticks
12 of 12Choose the correct answer!
What is "pretty feet"?
Freshly painted toes
The "T" position your feet should be in when on stage
An exceptionally good dance number
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