13 Shania Twain Lyrics That’ll Make You Feel Like A Woman

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“The best thing about being a woman, is the prerogative to have a little fun.”

Shania Twain is the voice of a generation. The county crooner was one of the original strong women that didn't let anything stop her from being the confident, independent woman she is. Her lyrics and wise words are full of emotion, yet stick it to the man and have the power to make a difference. So get ready to dance, go out with your girls, and feel really good about yourself. Because, you rock girl.

“It only hurts when I’m breathing. My heart only breaks when it’s beating. My dreams only die when I’m dreaming. So I hold my breath to forget.”

“The best thing about being a woman, is the prerogative to have a little fun.”

“Today is your day, and nothing can stand in your way. Today is your day, everything’s going your way.”

“I get totally crazy.”

“Oh, you’re still the one, you’re still the one that I love.”

“I’m keeping you forever and always.”

“Oh, I’m gonna getcha.”

“Oh—ooh—oh, think you’re something special. Oh—oo—oh, you think you’re something else.”

“Give me the chance to say that I’m sorry.”

“We can do it. We’ll get through it.”

“And there ain’t no way. I’m letting you go now. And there ain’t no way and there ain’t no how I’ll never see that day.”

“That won’t keep me warm in the middle of the night; that don’t impress me much.”

“Whose bed have your boots been under? And whose heart did you steal I wonder? This time did it feel like thunder, baby?”

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