13 Country Lyrics That Will Make You Proud To Be A Southerner

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What doesn't kill you only makes you blonder.

Cowboy boots, a cold beer, and country music. The three C's and essentials to any country music fan. You may have seen your instagram flooded with Stagecoach photos last weekend, as country's most popular music festival was hotter (both figuratively and literally) than ever. No one parties like country music fans and the songs the crooners cry always tear at the heartstrings. Get ready to channel your inner Carrie Underwood.

“Can’t explain the way they seem to work like magic I put ‘em on to keep it positive.” -Miranda Lambert “Pink Sunglasses”

“You make me dance like a fool forget how to breathe shine like gold buzz like a bee. Just the thought of you can drive me wild. Oh, you make me smile.

“It’s a smile, it’s a kiss, it’s a sip of wine, it’s summertime!”-Kenny Chesney

“Baby you can crash my party anytime.”

“Holding you, I held everything.”-Garth Brooks “The Dance”

“‘Cause I heard Jesus, he drank wine and I’d bet we’d get along just fine he could calm a storm and heal the blind and I bet he’d understand a heart like mine.”

“We’d drive too fast, we’d get too loud, we thought we made the world go ‘round nothing but a bunch of time to kill sit up on the big hill make a toast, drink it down say, man we run this town.” -Luke Bryan “We Run This Town”

“I didn’t plan on fallin’ fast. I didn’t know I could be kissed like that.”-Miranda Lambert

“Let your dream stay big and your worries stay small.”-Rascal Flatts

“What can make some sparks fly we can make the dark cry.”

“Dirty dance me slow in the summertime heat feel my belt turn loose from these old blue jeans”

"What doesn't kill you only makes you blonder."

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