Quiz: You'll Only Pass This Test If You Grew Up In A Japanese Family

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You should be able to ace this quiz if you grew up in a Japanese family, if not, take it anyway for the fun of it!

 Mar 15, 2017

1 of 10True or False

It's customary to wait until all parties have received their order before eating.

2 of 10Fill in the blank!

You'll often hear Japanese people saying, _____ before eating.

3 of 10True or False

When drinking, one must never pour his or her own drink.

4 of 10Pick your answer!

In terms of language, Japanese people address individuals according to

5 of 10Fill in the blank!

You'll often hear Japanese people say, _____ when they're done eating.
dōzo yoroshiku
gochigochisōsama deshita

6 of 10True or false

It is a sign of disrespect to slurp your soup.

7 of 10Pick your answer!

________ is the most common as well as the most popular etiquette of Japan.

8 of 10True or False

When entering houses, schools and many other buildings, people are expected to remove shoes.

9 of 10Pick your answer!

After you have finished your meal,
leave your chopsticks in your bowl.
keep your chopsticks standing in your rice.
keep your chopsticks across your dish or on the side.

10 of 10Pick your answer!

What is Ikebana?
a popular museum
a type of food
the art of flower arrangement
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