Quiz: We Bet You Can't Get 10/15 On This Pretty Woman Test

movies/tv, pretty woman

An old classic rom com that everyone loves!

Pretty Woman has an undying fan base and if you love it as much as many do, try taking the quiz and find out how much you know about the rom com!

 Feb 05, 2017

1 of 15Julia Roberts' head was superimposed on Shelley Michelle for the poster.

movies/tv, pretty woman

2 of 15Richard Gere had----. hair in the movie.


3 of 15---------and--------were offered the role of Vivian but turned it down.

Sandra Bullock and Sarah Jessica Parker
Meryl Streep and Sharon Stone
Michelle Pfeiffer and Julianna Moore

4 of 15The movie was originally suppose to be called $3,000 because

movies/tv, julia roberts, pretty woman
that's how much Vivian's red coat cost.
that's how much that piano used for the sex scene cost.
that's how much a night cost with Vivian.

5 of 15True or False?

Ferrari and Porsche declined to have their cars in the movie.

6 of 15Roberts & Gere appeared together in ---- 9years after Pretty Woman came out

movies/tv, Runaway Bride
Three to Tango
Runaway Bride
Never Been Kissed

7 of 15Fill in the blank

Pretty Woman came out in -----

8 of 15Pretty Woman came out the same year --------.

movies/tv, 10 things I hate about you
10 Thing I Hate about You
I love Trouble
50 First Dates

9 of 15Fill in the blank

The homeless man that Edward asks for directions is actually -------.
Gary Marshall
Henry Winkler
Richard Gere

10 of 15--------- and -------- were offered the role of Edward but turned it down.

Liam Neeson and Bruce Willis
Al Pacino and Albert Brooks
Kevin Costner and Michael Keaton

11 of 15At the time of the movie, the necklace Edward gave Vivian was worth

pretty woman, julia roberts, richard gere, celebs, movies/tv
Buena Vista Pictures

12 of 15Fill i the blank

Edward works for -------.
Lewis Enterprises
UN Women
Goldman Sachs

13 of 15Which sitcom was Vivian watching at the hotel?

I Love Lucy
I Love Lucy
Get Smart
The Andy Griffith Show

14 of 15Edward composed the piece of music he plays on the piano.

pretty woman, julia roberts, richard gere, celebs, movies/tv
Buena Vista Pictures

15 of 15The opera they watched is called ------.

pretty woman, julia roberts, richard gere, celebs, movies/tv
Buena Vista Pictures
La Boheme
La Traviata
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