Quiz: What Type of Donut Are You?

donut, type, personality, food & drinks

To be or not to be sprinkled? That is the question.

Types of donuts that are your personality. What type of donut is your personality? Yummy donuts quiz.

 Jun 18, 2016
1 of 10Do you have a go-to karaoke song?
donut, type, personality, food & drinks
Yes, but only if my friends are singing with me
I'll sing along with other people!
2 of 10What color best represents you?
3 of 10You have some free time, what do you do?
Go dancing
Go see a movie
Go to the gym
Cook dinner
4 of 10Pick a region.
The East Coast
The West Coast
The South
The Midwest
5 of 10When do you leave a party?
donut, type, personality, food & drinks
I'm the last one on the dance floor!
I leave when everyone else seems to go
Parties aren't my thing
I like to leave early
6 of 10Choose an accessory.
Hiking boots
A colorful scarf
7 of 10What is your pet peeve?
donut, type, personality, food & drinks
When people try copying you
Poor driving etiquette
Rude people
Someone chewing with their mouth open
8 of 10What does your room usually look like?
donut, type, personality, food & drinks
It's clean, but I know where everything is
Organized chaos
Very clean
Usually clean
9 of 10How many friends do you have?
donut, type, personality, food & drinks
A few close friends
I'm a lone wolf
Too many to count
Just one best friend
10 of 10What word best describes you?
donut, type, personality, food & drinks
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