Quiz: What % Street Smart Are You?

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Could you handle the real world?

Street smarts. Are you totally street smart? Do you know how to you know to get by in the street? Pass this street slang quiz.

 Jul 18, 2016
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You just ran out of gas on the free, what do you do?
Call roadside assitance
You would NEVER run out of gas
Get your gas can and walk
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You walk home every day from work, what's your route?
Sometimes I change it up, but usually the same route
Always the fastest, shortest distance
Different every time
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Your car is at the repair shop and you need a ride somewhere. What do you do?
Take a bus
Call a friend
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When you walk to your car, where are your keys?
In your hands
No clue
Somewhere in your purse
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Someone tries to attack you, what do you do?
Fight back
Run away screaming
Do what the attacker says
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While walking around at night alone, you are usually _______.
looking around and paying attention to your surroundings
walking with your headphones in
on the phone with someone
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You are staying in a motel. Which room do you request?
Ground floor
Near the emergency exit
Second floor
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After you get into your car you _______.
call your friend and let them know you are driving
lock the doors and drive
check your phone
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When you make eye contact with someone in the street, what do you do?
Quickly look away
Hold the eye contact for a bit
Look away, but then look back in a bit
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Someone comes up to you and asks if you have a moment, you _______.
ignore them and walk away
say, "no, sorry" and keep walking
say "sure!" and see what they need
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