Quiz: What % Full of Shit are You?

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A quiz to tell if you are actually truthing or really just full of sh*t.

A quiz that tests you to see if you are actually telling the truth to your friends, or really just lying. Are you honest or are you lying?

 Apr 22, 2016
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There's a new restaurant you haven't tried that EVERYONE is talking about. What do you do?
Tell everyone you tried to get in, but it's super booked.
Tell everyone you went and you LOVED the it.
Seem interested and ask what you should eat when you go!
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Your boss asks if you finished a presentation that you've been putting off for weeks! What do you say?
"Done! I finished it and it's amazing!"
"I totally spaced. I'll get on that now!"
"Almost done! Just putting on the finishing touches."
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You just came back from the worst vacation of your life. What do you tell your friends?
"It was literally the best vacation ever!"
"It was the worst vacation of my life."
"I had a hard time adjusting the first day, but after that it was great!"
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Family reunion time! And everyone is asking why you didn't bring a date...
You're dating someone (not really)! He's sick today and can't come!
Yeah sorry fam, still single.
Mega-hot (totally fake) boyfriend is on a space mission with NASA. Duh.
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Everyone is talking about a party they went to this weekend (that you totally missed). How do you get the attention back to you?
You tell them you partied all weekend with Leonardo DiCaprio.
Tell everyone you were too busy with work!
Genuinely ask how the party went. Make a mental note to go to the next one!
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You slept in and are late for work (again!). What's your excuse?
Traffic was so bad!
You tell it like it is. Everyone makes mistakes!
An elderly lady needed help crossing the street!
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You told everyone you were up for a promotion that you didn't get. What's your move?
You turned down the promotion because you love your current job so much.
Explain the bad news. Maybe you'll get it next time!
Tell everyone you got the promotion anyway!
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