Quiz: Only A True Chicagoian Can Get 100% On This Quiz

Chicago, city, culture

Hint: Our favorite holiday involves lots of shamrocks.

Things only Chicagoans will understand. Quiz to see if you are really a Chicagoan. How Chicagoan are you? Real Chicagoan quiz.

 Jun 14, 2016
1 of 10Why is it really called the "Windy City"?
Chicago, city, culture
Because of the hot air bellowing from politicians
Because it's really windy
Because they have a lot of hot air ballloons
2 of 10Now called the "Willis Tower" most Chicagoans still just call it:
Chicago, city, culture
The Sears Tower
The Big Tower
The Willis Tower
3 of 10The lake is on the ____ side of the city.
Chicago, city, culture
4 of 10Putting _____ on your hot dog is usually frowned upon.
Chicago, city, culture
tomato slices
pickle relish
5 of 10On St. Paddy's day the city of Chicago ______.
Chicago, city, culture
lets people swim in the river
dyes the river green
floats a bunch of green ducks
6 of 10Which is NOT a Chicago team to rep?
Chicago, city, culture
The Cubs
The Red Wings
The Blackhawks
7 of 10What do Chicagoans call these?
Chicago, city, culture
Gym shoes
8 of 10What is the Chicago train system called?
Chicago, city, culture
The L
The levitated system
The Sub
9 of 10What do Chicagoans call this team?
Chicago, city, culture
The Packs
Da Bears
The Yuppies
10 of 10What does "LSD" stand for?
Chicago, city, culture
Lake Shore Drive
Little Sail Down
Location Sand Dune
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