Quiz: Only A Registered Nurse Will Know The Meaning Of These 18 Slang Terms

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Every nurse has dealt with a PITA.

Nurse medical lingo quiz. Nurse slang. Do you know nurse lingo? How well can you guess these nurse phrases?

 Feb 12, 2018

1 of 18Pick an answer!

Nurses wear clothing known as _______.
hazmat suits

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A nurse who works with newborn babies is known as what?
oncology nurse
neonatal nurse
pediatric nursing

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What is the medical term for "butt"?
Gluteus maximus

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What is a "frequent flyer"?
A nurse that runs around a lot
A visiting doctor
A regular patient in the hospital

5 of 18Pick an answer!

What is a "stream team"?
A person that needs assistance
The patient's family
A team of urologists

6 of 18Pick your answer!

Opthalmologists provide ___ care.

7 of 18Pick an answer!

What is a "lantern test"?
To shine a pen light into a patient's mouth
A test to see if the doctor is meeting
Providing bedside care

8 of 18Pick an answer!

"Chart dehiscence" happens when ______.
you lose you stethoscope
the chart and its content fall out of place
you need assistance with a patient

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The top layer of the skin is known as __________.

10 of 18Pick your answer!

What is the name for a muscle that turns a limb to face upwards?

11 of 18Pick an answer!

What does it mean if the patient is "fighting Darwin"?
They are really nice
They like to go for walks
They are refusing treatment because they are stubborn

12 of 18Pick an answer!

What is a "professional patient"?
Someone that fakes an illness
A family member
Someone that hates going to the doctor

13 of 18Pick an answer!

PITA stands for _______.
Perfect In The Agonies
Prime In the Armchair
Pain In The Arse

14 of 18Pick an answer!

"Young invisibles" refers to ______.
patients to visit at home
uninsured twenty-somethings
babies who cry all the time

15 of 18Pick your answer!

What is the anatomical name for the commonly termed ‘windpipe'?

16 of 18Pick an answer!

"Dyscopia" refers to ________.
patients or relatives having difficulty in coping
a nurse that is having a hard time in school
someone with a fear of spiders

17 of 18Pick an answer!

"NPS" stands for _______.
Net Promoter Score
Nude Postgraduate School
New Parent Syndrome

18 of 18Pick your answer!

Plantar refers to _______
the sole of the feet
hip bone
blood cells
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