Quiz: How Well Do You Know Trucker Slang?

driving, Trucker, travel

From Cigar City to Bean-Town...Do you know trucker lingo?

Trucker slang phrases. Trucker CB code. Trucker dispatch phrases. Trucker radio chat lingo. Trucker and road slang.

 Jun 09, 2016
1 of 10“Big A”
Trucker, driving, travel
Los Angeles, CA
Birmingham, AL
Amarillo, TX
2 of 10“Bumper sticker”
Trucker, driving, travel
A car that is too close to your bumper
A reference to something light on your back
3 of 10“Left Coast”
driving, Trucker, travel
West coast
Checking your left taillights
Driving north
4 of 10“Double Nickel”
Trucker, driving, travel
55 Miles Per Hour
Two trucks back to back
Speeding in a 30 MPH zone
5 of 10“Wally World”
driving, road, travel
A type of gas station
6 of 10“Antler Alley”
driving, road, travel
Roads on the west coast
Atlanta, GA
Deer crossing
7 of 10“K-Town”
driving, road, travel
Knoxville, TN
Durham, NC
Nashville, TN
8 of 10“Bear Cave”
driving, road, travel
A car with its wheels in the air
Mile Marker
Police Station
9 of 10“Pickle Park”
Trucker, driving, travel
A hotel
A 4-lane highway
A rest area
10 of 10"Back off the hammer"
Trucker, driving, travel
Switch to a different lane
Switch routes
Slow down
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