Quiz: How Well Do You Know Prosecutor Slang?

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Time to bring in your Law & Order skills!

Lawyer jargon. Prosecutor slang. Language quiz for people going through law school. Lawyer speak. Lawyer lingo.

 Jun 16, 2016
1 of 10What does it mean when a lawyer says, "objection!"
There is no time on the clock
They are calling out an inappropriate question for a witness
No way!
2 of 10The judge says "overruled" to that. What does it mean?
Passing a question
The votes you need to be guilty
Dismissing an objection
3 of 10The judge says "sustained." What does it mean?
Approved objection
You must take a seat
They need to quiet the place down
4 of 10"Withdrawn" means:
I don't have a witness
You have more time
I take it back
5 of 10"Prima Facie" means:
They are innocent
At first look / on it's face
There is power in truth
6 of 10"Plea Bargain" is when:
The prosecution and the defense work out a deal
There is a really weird question
Everyone takes a coffee break
7 of 10Adjournment is:
When the judge makes everyone stay late
When a surprise is coming
A long suspension or delay of the trial
8 of 10"Habeas Corpus" literally means:
You have to go to prison
You have the body
You forgot the evidence
9 of 10"Recess" is when:
a short break from a trial
There is missing evidence in the trial
The witness tries to run away
10 of 10A "rebuttal" is:
A large jury
A comeback supported by evidence
A redacted note
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