Quiz: How Well Do You Actually Know Kansas Slang?

jason sudekis

Are you Kansas through and through?

Kansas slang. Kansas words. Kansas lingo. Things that only people from Kansas say. Words that people from Kansas say.

 Jun 27, 2016
1 of 12Pick your answer!
At a bar, what is a "draw"?
What happens when someone gets too drunk
Beer from the tap (not the bottle)
A fun game everyone plays
2 of 12Pick your answer!
What is "JoCo"?
Just Incorporated
Johnson County
Just Kidding
3 of 12Pick your answer!
What is a "Jayhawk"?
A type of horse
Fans of the KU
A beverage
4 of 12Pick your answer!
What is a "sack"?
5 of 12Pick your answer!
"Rock Chalk!" is what?
Another way of saying, "go away!"
A cheer for the Jayhawks
A friendly greeting to a tourist
6 of 12Pick your answer!
"Mizzou" is what?
A city in Kansas
A haunted house
University of Missouri (the enemy)
7 of 12Pick your answer!
"Pop" is what?
A carbonated drink
When you get angry at your friend
8 of 12Pick your answer!
"Cornhole" is what?
A garden tool
A type of lawn game
A long line
9 of 12Pick your answer!
"Let's blow this popsicle stand" means what?
Let's forget we ever did that
Let's give them a bad review
Let's get out of here
10 of 12Pick your answer!
"Burinin' daylight" means _______.
Wasting time
Having a great time
Learning about the weather
11 of 12Pick your answer!
The "heartland" is what?
A square home
Center of the country, home
A theme park
12 of 12Pick your answer!
What are rooms underneath a house called?
Bottom space
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