Quiz: How Well Do You Know Band Camp Slang?

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Has anyone seen my mouthpiece?!

Band camp kids lingo. Stuff that only kids at band camp say. Band camp kids words quiz! How many of these band camp words do you know?

 Aug 18, 2016
1 of 10"Sectionals" are when you split to practice by ______.
band, school
2 of 10What is a "playing test"?
band, school
A breathing test
A test to see how well you can name notes
A mini exam where you play alone for your band teacher
3 of 10"1e and a, 2 e and a" is a way of _______.
band, school
signalling to stop playing
saying that you quit
counting off
4 of 10"Pencil check" is when the director does what?
marching, band, school
Double checks to make sure you have a pencil to take notes
Asks you to play a part 3 times
Let's you go to the bathroom
5 of 10"Color guard" is ______.
band, school
the flag team
the group on the drums
the group that counts the music
6 of 10What are "plumes"?
band, school
Extra practice
A type of band shoes
A giant feather for your hat
7 of 10What are "arpeggios"?
band, school
A sliding movement on the trombone
The notes of a chord played in succession
A hip-hop style of band music
8 of 10What is "bandcest"?
band, school
Fellow band members dating
When you forget your reed
When you have too many band books
9 of 10"Shakos" are ______.
band, Music, school
a nickname for the director
weirdly flat band kid hats
a type of musical instrument
10 of 10A "timpani" is a type of _____.
drum, Music, school
music stand
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