Quiz: How Well Do You Actually Know Flight Attendant Slang?

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Time to slip on your concourse shoes!

How well do you know flight attendant slang? Take the flight attendant slang quiz! Guess common flight attendant words.

 Aug 28, 2016
1 of 10"Blue juice" is the _____.
Flight Attendant, movies/tv
hat that flight attendance wear
lavatory water
engine fuel
2 of 10A "crashpad" an apartment for ____.
Flight Attendant, movies/tv
3 of 10"Concourse shoes" are a special type of _____.
Flight Attendant, movies/tv
high-heeled pumps
4 of 10A "jumpseat" is used to _______ during the flight.
Flight Attendant, travel
go to the bathroom
5 of 10"Deadheading" is when a flight attendant is _____________.
flying, travel
making friends with the passenger
taking a long break
flying as a passenger on company business to get to work
6 of 10The "lounge lizard" is a commuter that _____.
Flight Attendant, movies/tv
gets a promotion
has a broken bag
loves the crash on the couches
7 of 10"Seniority rules" is the idea that _______.
Flight Attendant, movies/tv
the best flight attendant wins
everyone can get into arguments with passengers
older flight attendants get longer flights
8 of 10The "mini me" is the nickname for the _____.
Flight Attendant, movies/tv
isle in the middle of the plane
middle seat
small trashcan cart
9 of 10"Landing lips" refers to the fact that flight attendant do what?
flying, travel
Reapply lipstick before the final "goodbye"
Run to the bathroom right before landing
Take mini naps on the weekend
10 of 10The "Sharon Stone jumpseat" refers to the _____.
Flight Attendant, culture
jumpseat that faces the passengers
place you go if you are feeling sick
person that is new on the job
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