Quiz: How Much Do You Really Know About Australia?

australians, words, culture

Have you kept up with the Aussies?

How well do you know about Australia? Australian food. Australian Travel. Australian language. Australian people. Aussies.

 Jun 25, 2016
1 of 10Which of these is NOT a popular sport in Australia?
australians, words, culture
Kangaroo Dancing
2 of 10What is the name of the largest desert in Australia?
australians, words, culture
Great Victoria Desert
The Outbank
The Living Sand
3 of 10Australia's highest waterfall is called _______.
australians, words, culture
Wallaman Falls
Queen Vicky Falls
The Great Water
4 of 10What is NOT one of Australia’s nickname?
australians, words, culture
The Land Down Under
Aussie-Awesome Land
The Lucky Country
5 of 10What is the prominent animal of Australia?
australians, words, culture
6 of 10Which famous caleb is from Australia?
australians, words, culture
Hugh Jackman
Russell Crowe
7 of 10Christmas in Australia falls in which season?
australians, words, culture
8 of 10When is Australia Day celebrated?
australians, words, culture
July 4
January 26
December 24
9 of 10Australia is home to the largest rock in the world, called the _____.
australians, words, culture
Big Boy Outback Rock
Large Rock II
Ayers Rock
10 of 10What is it when someone does an "Aussie Salute"?
australians, words, culture
They are waving vigorously to their friends.
They are brushing flies away.
They are not showing up for the party.
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