Quiz: How Many Vegas Words Do You Actually Know?

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Take a walk through the "carpet joint."

Vegas words quiz. Take the Vegas lingo quiz! How many of these Vegas words do you actually know? Take the Vegas quiz!

 Aug 29, 2016
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To be "86'd" means that you were _____.
kicked out of a casino
given a fruity cocktail
the winner of a slot machine
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A "boxman" is another name for the person that ______.
makes high bets during poker
is the craps dealer and supervises bets and payoffs
counts the tokens at the end of the game
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A "carpet joint" is a nickname for _____.
a midnight show
a casino that caters to high rollers
a fancy bartender
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When someone says there is an, "eye in the sky" they mean _____.
there is someone cheating
surveillance looking over the entire casino
be careful with this next hand
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A "fish" is someone _____.
that collects your money
who is new to gambling
gets you drinks
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A "high roller" is someone with a _____.
reputation of winning large amounts of money in the casino
cool jacket
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A "Marryin' Sam" is a person that ____.
give you a loan for gambling
takes care of your car
is priest at a Las Vegas chapel
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A "toke" is another name for ____.
a coin slot
fancy shoes
gratuity or tip
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If someone is a "whale" that means they are _____.
the one that brings you room service
on your team
a millionaire who gambles and loses large amounts of money
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A "shooter" is a gambler who _____.
having a hard night
is next up to roll the dice on the table
leaving the game
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