Quiz: Only A True Gooney Can Get 100% On This Goonies Quiz. Can You?

the goonies, 80s, movies
Warner Bros. and Amblin Entertainments: The Goonies (1985)

“First, you gotta do the truffle shuffle.”

The Goonies Quiz. Quiz on the 80s movie The Goonies. Executive producer Steven Spielberg, starring Sean Astin, Josh Brolin, and Jeff Cohen.

 Jan 04, 2018
1 of 15Pick your answer!
What do the Goonies want to use the treasure for?
To buy expensive cars
To move to Florida
To help save their homes
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What is the last test the Goonies have to do to get out of the pirate’s lair?
Play a sequence of notes on an organ
Guess the names of the dead pirates
Fake their own death
3 of 15Pick your answer!
While exploring the tunnel, the Goonies find themselves at the bottom of a ________.
sewer system
coal mine
wishing well
4 of 15Pick your answer!
What is the name of the pirate ship the Goonies find?
Bachelor's Delight
Lady Lucy
5 of 15Pick your answer!
What do the Fratelli’s threaten Chunk with to get him to talk?
Putting his hands in a blender
Stealing his clothes
His family
6 of 15Pick your answer!
Who comes to save the Goonies from walking the plank?
Sloth and Chunk
Brand’s parents
7 of 15Pick your answer!
Andy is a popular ______ at Brand’s school.
band geek
8 of 15Pick your answer!
What is the name of the Fratelli’s younger brother?
9 of 15Pick your answer!
What is the name of the pirate whose treasure map the Goonies find?
Silver Tooth
Rummy Roger
One-Eyed Willy
10 of 15Pick your answer!
Where do the Goonies find the treasure map?
In the country club basement
In Mikey’s attic
In the woods
11 of 15Pick your answer!
Mouth is fluent in what language?
12 of 15Pick your answer!
When Data comes into the house, he accidentally knocks over ________
a picture frame
a statue of Michelangelo
a vase
13 of 15Pick your answer!
Chunk has a special ability do to what?
Recite the ABC's backwards
Jump rope
Tell what type of pizza is in the house
14 of 15Pick your answer!
What is the nickname of the inventor Goonie?
15 of 15Pick your answer!
What is the name of the dance that Mouth makes Chunk do?
The Man Mambo
The Lindy Hop
The Truffle Shuffle
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