Quiz: Can You Ace The Ultimate DC Comics Challenge?

dc, comics, womderwoman

Are you the ultimate DC Comics fan?

Do you know DC comics? Quiz yourself on DC comics. DC Comic fans quiz. DC comic book characters. DC ultimate quiz.

 Jul 21, 2016
1 of 10What is the name of this group?
dc, comics, womderwoman
Safety Team
The Justice Crew
The Suicide Squad
2 of 10What is the Catwoman's powers?
dc, comics, womderwoman
She can fly
She can jump really far
She has none, she's trained in stealth and martial arts
3 of 10Who is NOT part of the founding members of the Justice League?
dc, comics, womderwoman
Wonder Woman
Blue Beetle
4 of 10_______ lost his father in an airplane crash.
dc, comics, womderwoman
Green Arrow
5 of 10Harley Quinn and the Jokes are _________.
dc, comics, womderwoman
boyfriend and girlfriend
brother and sister
6 of 10Why is Cyborg part machine?
dc, comics, womderwoman
He was created entirely from a lab
He was born that way
He was in a terrible accident and put through experimental surgery
7 of 10What ability does The Atom have?
dc, comics, womderwoman
The ability to read minds
The ability to be invisible
The ability to shrink in size
8 of 10What's the name of this character?
dc, comics, womderwoman
Lex Luther
9 of 10The Flash is the ________.
dc, comics, womderwoman
protector of New York City
fastest man alive
enemy of Batman
10 of 10Where to the DC comics take place?
dc, comics, womderwoman
In the DC universe
On Mars
On Earth
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