Quiz: Are You Cleveland Enough To Answer These 20 Questions To Perfection?


Are you really from Cleveland?

Things that only people from Cleveland will understand! Take the Cleveland test to see how well you know the city and it's culture!

 Feb 09, 2018

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What does "wash" mean?
The nickname of the river
A cocktail mixer
To play basketball

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What type of bagels are famously made in Cleveland?
Turkey Bacon Banaza Bagels
Burnt Bagels
Pizza Bagels

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What is on a "bratwurst sandwich"?
A brat and fries
A burger and ketchup only
A brat, kraut and horseradish

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What's the dawg pound?
The best pancake spot in town
A local shelter
The section of wildest Cleveland Browns fans

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What do Clevelanders call a carbonated drink?

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A "cassata" is a type of _____.

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What is the perfect Cleveland condiment?
Jelly Spread from Einelmen's
Bertman's Original Ballpark Mustard
Sally Lou's Ketchup

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What are Paczkis?
Barbecue sandwiches
Jam-filled Polish pastries
A special Sundae with lots of nuts

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What do locals call the dangerous stretch of I-90?
Dead man's curve
The twilight zone
The loop-da-loop

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What's the Pee Dee?
A local grocery store
The fancy neighborhood
The local paper "The Plain Dealer"

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What is a "Polish Boy"?
A glorious sandwich
A type of pie
A restaurant

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"Sweeties" is a type of _____ store.
ice cream

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What is Rapid?
A electric company
The public transit system's name
A famous bookstore
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