Quiz: Are You An Extrovert, Introvert, or Somewhere in Between?

introvert, girl, relationships

The ultimate test to see how you respond to the outer world.

How extrovert or introverted are you? A test to see how you respond to the outer world. A quiz to see if you would rather stay in or go out.

 Apr 23, 2016
1 of 10What is your favorite thing to do on the weekend?
record player, home, relationships, Music
Relax and recharge!
Go out, spend time with friends!
Hang out with my best friend.
2 of 10How do you feel in big crowds?
crowds, new york, relationships
3 of 10What is your role in group conversation?
king of the hill, frasier, seinfeld, home improvement, hercules, Friends, 90s, movies/tv
You lead the conversation.
You listen.
You have something to say, but let others speak first.
4 of 10What happens after you spend a lot of time around people?
cat, blanket, animals
You want to keep going!
You need some quiet time.
You need a LONG nap.
5 of 10What do like to do at home?
chill, coffee, drink, food & drinks
Read a book.
Watch TV
6 of 10What is your ideal vacation?
camping, mountains, family
Exploring the nightlife in a new city.
Camping in the mountains
Roadtrip with your best friends!
7 of 10How do you handle conflict?
Bambi, movies/tv
Take time to figure it out!
Confront the problem!
8 of 10How hard is it to get you out of the house?
frozen, door, Disney, movies/tv
Someone has to bribe you.
Not hard at all! You're ready to do something fun!
Depends on the day!
9 of 10How many people would you consider your "best friends"?
new girl, Friends, movies/tv
Just 1! That's why they're the best!
3. We are inseparable!
Around 5! My crew is the best!
10 of 10Describe your ideal date-night:
My Date With The Presidents Daughter
ABC/ Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Dinner and movies.
Netflix and pizza at home!
Going out for drinks!
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