Only The Smartest Historians Can Pass This World History Test

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How well did you pay attention in world history?

Quiz on World History 101. Basic history knowledge and questions. World civilizations, wars, and changes.

 Jan 24, 2018

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Where were noodles invented?

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Cuba has been ruled by (a) _______.

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What does NASA stand for?
North Atlantic Safety Assimilation
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Nautical And Air Safe Acceleration

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The Magna Carta was published by the King of which country?

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The Tigris and Euphrates Rivers are associated with which civilization?
Indus Valley

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What culture created the Olympics?

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Feudal Japan was characterized by its warrior class, known as ________.
the Samurai
the Monarch
the Ronin

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Which empire united all of Western Europe for the first time?
The Franks
The Italians
The Romans

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Who is known as the Father of Modern Medicine?

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Which Chinese Dynasty did the most work on the Great Wall?

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The disease that killed a third of Europe's population in the 14th century is known as ________.
the White Death
the Bubonic Plague
the Beige Plague

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The first successful printing press was developed by ________.
Martin Luther
Johannes Gutenberg
The Wright Brothers

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Which Central American civilization is known for its advanced calendar and knowledge of astronomy?

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Which of these grains was the first to be domesticated?
Cake Flour

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What is the name of the culture that is native to Australia?
The Kiwis
The Inuits
The Aborigines
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