Your Free Horoscope For July 2016

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See what July has in store!

1. Aries (March 21 - April 19)

This month you'll spend a lot of time clicking your heels and wishing you were home, Aries. Because really, there's no place like it. Home can be either family, friends, a special someone, or even a place. This month's stars set your compass toward emotional security, thanks to the Sun burrowing into Cancer, your tender fourth house, until July 22. During this period, you may bond with family members over long Skype convos or feel nostalgic looking at pictures with a friend. Try trading cute Snapchats or visiting a favorite spot together so you can create more cherished memories.

Career conditions and possibilities are in the spotlight during the July 19 Full Moon. A misunderstanding could cause a tiny crisis, allowing you to come to the rescue and win praise and notice. Go home feeling like the winner you are.

Along with family and career, you'll need a little "you" time. Schedule some decadent chill time by reading a book, trying a Himalayan salt scrub, and indulge in summer beach lounging. Slow down on July 29 and count to ten before making an important decision. The Mercury/Mars square could lure you into self-doubt, which rarely helps.

Love Days: 6, 11

Money Days: 27, 19

Luck Days: 25, 16

Off Days: 8, 13, 23

2. Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

Dynamic friendships are in store for you this month, Taurus! The Sun is flitting through Cancer and your social third house until July 22, putting you in interactive spirits. Meaningful conversations with casual friends could quickly turn into brainstorming sessions. You will definitely feel the social vibes wherever you go! Under this communicative star map, you have a lot of creative juices flowing, so don't be afraid to get it out—whether it's through dynamic conversation, writing and media projects, teaching or learning.

It's understandable if you feel restless around the Full Moon on July 19, with lots of people asking you to hang or help them. Hold your ground until something comes up that really appeals to you most. If you chose the right path, you're sure to be in luck!

Love can be amazingly sweet when Venus trines Uranus on July 31. Get out and spread that love!

Love Days: 8, 13, 31

Money Days: 2, 21

Luck Days: 27, 19

Off Days: 25, 11, 16

3. Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

Try keeping things simple this month. After an eventful spring it will feel great to just relax and learn more about yourself. The Sun is in Cancer and your stabilizing second house until July 22, putting your focus on work, daily habits, money and routines. Prioritize the day-to-day and focus on what's most important, instead of packing your schedule until it's about to burst and then canceling triple-booked plans the last minute.

Luckily for you, someone else's confusion or an unexpected complication could be profitable to you both near the July 4 New Moon. Money, good advice, and social support are abundant for you then. Everything is under control during the July 19 Full Moon, but you could imagine some unfinished business that you thought was already resolved and behind you. It's mostly the ragged edges of other people's problems that are attracting your attention. Take a deep breath and don't give it another thought. If anything needs fixing up, tackle it after Saturday morning, July 30, when Mercury enters Virgo.

Love Days: 11, 16

Money Days: 23, 4

Luck Days: 2, 21

Off Days: 27, 13, 19

4. Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

Tis the season to celebrate you! It's your birthday season, Crab!

Feelings may get intense around the New Moon on July 4, but only good things can come from it all. If someone suddenly comes to you with a problem, put your friend at ease and give them whatever help you can. The Full Moon on July 19 is packed with romance and wonder. You might be in the mood to try something new and interesting with a partner or potential love interest, and this is the month to do it. You're always ready to respond to a show of affection or appreciation. Give yourself a chance and see if you think it's for real.

While your sign is famous for nurturing everyone else, this is your month to focus on Numero Uno, pouring your energy into cherished personal goals and passion projects. Thinking of trying a new look? Feel free to experiment with bolder colors and styles than you usually reach for—and allow yourself to stand in the spotlight instead of shying away from it.

Love Days: 13, 19

Money Days: 25, 6

Luck Days: 4, 23

Off Days: 2, 16, 21

5. Leo (July 23 - August 22)

As the month starts off, you might not be ready to be in your normal ready-to-party mode, Leo, and that's totally okay. Relax with your favorite people this month, especially with the July 4 New Moon. You may have made grand plans to serve up freshly made guacamole and pomegranate margaritas, but with the Sun (and your energy) retreating into Cancer, your twelfth house of rest, closure and surrender, until July 22, it's time for you to chill.

Instead of tearing it up with your crew at the beach or at your favorite dive bar, give yourself permission to lay low for a hot minute. Pamper yourself and be more health conscious during the July 19 Full Moon. Sleep in, eat healthy, and try not to go, go, go ALL of the time. Try taking up meditation, going for walks, or a new yoga class. You'll feel great and be more bright-eyed and energetic. Treat any little health concern instantly and don't waste energy with worry.

The Sun enters Leo on July 22. If listless, you may spark back to life now. But for the majority of the month feel free to kick back, catch up on your favorite shows, and don't be afraid to have a little you time!

Love Days: 16, 21

Money Days: 27, 8

Luck Days: 25, 6

Off Days: 4, 19, 23

6. Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

This month is all about staying connected for you, Virgo. This month is all about connecting with your tribe, both socially and professionally, as the Sun zooms through Cancer and your eleventh house of group activity and friendships until July 22. If you get a long holiday weekend, save some energy for the July 4 New Moon and celebrate with everyone. If the crowd gets too big, slip away with someone special and enjoy a more chill night together.

When you happen to get a random invite to a special event, by all means, go! With the July 19 Full Moon, you may feel under-appreciated out in public or in your social scene, but let it pass. You will thrive and be totally happy you went! Also try grabbing your crew for more impromptu events. Try a beach outing or drinks at the new rooftop bar—the more the merrier! You're open to people from all walks of life, and your greatest pleasure comes from having down-to-earth conversations. Keep some colorful characters in your sphere this month, and that will bring you the most joy.

Love Days: 19, 23

Money Days: 2, 11

Luck Days: 27, 8

Off Days: 25, 6, 21

7. Libra (September 23 - October 22)

You are set out to rule the world this month, Libra! You already have great chemistry with co-workers and everyone else, and the ambition to get out there and do well. The Sun is in Cancer and your ambitious tenth house until July 22, revving up your career mojo and bringing some power players into your sphere. While the rest of the world is vacationing and playing around, you'll be a powerhouse at your job! Take care though, the Sun only comes here once a year, so work it to your advantage.

This could pleasantly turn around your home finances, too. The Full Moon on July 19 shines on your home environment and family. Feelings run deep, and you might imagine friction where there is none. A lot of people are distracted now, some of them close to you. Feel good in your own skin and your own space, and let the background chatter fade away. The Moon/Venus sextile on July 30 ushers in a silky-smooth social weekend.

Love Days: 21, 30

Money Days: 4, 13

Luck Days: 2, 11

Off Days: 8, 19

8. Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

Cast a wide net, Scorpio! Get ready for big, crazy fun on the July 4 New Moon. Friends and neighbors may start the ball rolling, and entertainment will be anything but ordinary. Enjoy the exotic! You may not want to go far or do much under the July 19 Full Moon, but be busy and well entertained anyway. A modest activity may prove more pleasing and gratifying than any ambitious plan. Quality time with one or two friends might be preferable to dashing about madly to be in a big social scene. The Moon opposes Mars on July 28. If you don't feel like doing something, don't.

The Sun is in Cancer and your expansive, worldly ninth house until July 22, stoking your visionary ideas. Widen your viewfinder, O Focused One, and you'll see all the possibilities you may have missed. This is an excellent month to travel, explore metaphysical concepts, or just make a dedicated effort to bust out of your comfort zone. Loosen your grip on the reins and let yourself explore beyond what "makes sense"—because honestly, dreams always defy logic in their nascent stages. Or, as Cancerian Nelson Mandela famously said, "It always seems impossible until it's done."

Love Days: 23, 27

Money Days: 6, 16

Luck Days: 4, 13

Off Days: 25, 2, 11

9. Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

Back it up, Sagittarius. For the first three weeks of the month, the Sun is burning through Cancer, your eighth house of intimacy and power, and fueling you with intensity. People are all on your side during the New Moon on July 4. They're inspired just to be with you. You probably won't be asked to do or give anything, but you may have very little downtime. Enjoy being popular and busy. Money matters and finances could be important during the Full Moon on July 19.

With the Sun revving up this hyper-focused domain of your chart until July 22, you're running straight for your cocoon where you can be more introspective and spend time with your inner circle—the people you can truly let your guard down around. You can't suffer through superficial conversations and feel more connected to those that want to REALLY talk. Both your personal and professional lives are desperately seeking depth. In your professional like, your laser-like attention really helps you get to the bottom of a pressing work or financial matter—you're better off picking one or two areas to investigate rather than spreading your focus too thin, which can be your stimulation-loving sign's downfall.

Love Days: 25, 2

Money Days: 8, 19

Luck Days: 6, 16

Off Days: 27, 4, 13

10. Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

You are in for a relationship-focused month, Capricorn. Even if you're in a stable relationship, be ready for a change in your attitude toward love. This month's solar spotlight is on companionship, as the Sun spreads its rays over the two most partnership-centric fields of your chart. Until July 22, el sol will travel through your opposite sign of Cancer, turning your focus to you and your plus-one (whoever that may be!)

A trusted friend or partner may suddenly have a change of heart about something important around July 19. Be there for one another, and don't hesitate to discuss in confidence. The Moon opposes Saturn on July 29, and you may want to reserve judgment about just about everything. Now is the time to hash out your feelings for others and correct course where necessary.

Love Days: 13, 19

Money Days: 25, 6

Luck Days: 4, 23

Off Days: 2, 16, 21

11. Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

Time to let go of things this month, Aquarius. The July 4 New Moon is full of fun, friends, and family. If it's a holiday weekend for you, forget any kind of normal routine. Enjoy the preparations and take part in the festivities. With so many people around, there won't be much for you to do. The Full Moon on July 19 shines a light on a change or situation that you know about but haven't fully recognized. Make improvements gradually and watch daily life get smoother. Uranus turns retrograde on Friday, July 29. Mischief may still be in the air, but it will become subtler and less thrilling. Don't be disappointed.

This is especially true as the Sun heats up the action in Cancer, your sixth house of health, efficiency and organization, until July 22. Instead of swimming in life's existential quandaries, get proactive: do an epic decluttering of your home and workspace, get to the gym or start a detox. Search out more local, healthy food options—this could be the season of your epic, locally-sourced cilantro-pepper-grilled-corn salsa. Crank up your favorite Pandora station, open the windows, and let the good vibes flow. A great day to begin your "cleanup act" is July 4, when the Cancer new moon forms a happy trine to dreamy Neptune in Pisces and your house of daily routines. Any areas in which you're not organized—whether it's your office, your abode, or your health practices—get a serious once-over. A clean home, an orderly workspace or a new wellness practice will help you feel totally empowered to take charge of your life.

Love Days: 2, 6

Money Days: 13, 23

Luck Days: 11, 21

Off Days: 4, 8, 19

12. Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

Let the summer heat rise, Pisces! July 4 could take over your whole weekend and fill it with people and partying. Be safe and sensible in the days before the New Moon, especially in public. Then relax and let the party swirl around you. July is your most ripe and ribald time of year, when the Sun makes its annual foray through Cancer, heating up your passionate, lusty and expressive fifth house until July 22. Summer love could definitely top your eventful agenda this month, so work those natural flirtatious charms with abandon. Have fun trying some bold new looks or hairstyles, you'll have the confidence to totally rock them!

A little healthy drama will keep the action spicy! Your inner hedonist will demand a free pass, so don't bother trying to curb those indulgent cravings. Exercise moderation when possible...but let yourself live a little, too. Your social life is steaming hot for the Full Moon on July 19, and you could surprise a lot of people who aren't expecting you to enjoy it much. Make the most of all the good times.

Love Days: 4, 8

Money Days: 16, 25

Luck Days: 13, 23

Off Days: 6, 11

Now go enjoy one of the best summer months!

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