Woman Wins A Jackpot $10.7M Playing Penny Slots

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Talk about a lucky slots!

Imagine this: you take a trip to Vegas, decide to go to the historic and gorgeous Wynn hotel to party with friends and do a little gambling.

You decide to throw a small amount away in some penny slots, because who uses pennies and small coins anyway?! You stick the money in the slot, and BAM you win $10.7 million!

Well, while this is a fantasy for many of us, it became a reality for a woman from Oahu, Hawaii. The guest, who requested her identity be confidential, played a Wynn-themed Megabucks machine.

The game takes $3 bets, according to sources, so for $3 she won a grand total of $10,777,270.51. Minus those 3 bucks? 10,777,267.51. We'd say that's some pretty great odds.

Wynn Las Vegas confirmed the woman's jackpot on Twitter stating, "How would you celebrate if you were the lucky winner of a $10.7 million jackpot on one of our slot machines?"

What would you do if you got that jackpot?!


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