Photographer Captures The Joy Of Kids With Downs Syndrome

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Have you ever seen anything so sweet and beautiful?

Photographer Julie Willson is most often behind the lens shooting pictures of engagements, weddings, and on her favorite days, families. Wilson's sister, Dina, was born with Down Syndrome and even growing up, Wilson and her parents remembered to treat her sister as the unique and beautiful person she was.

Wilson grew up knowing this. Now, as a professional photographer, she tries to represent each child in the family and their individual beauty. Sometimes, these unique qualities are overlooked, especially if they are children born with a disability.

When Dina passed away four years ago, Wilson decided to dedicate her life to keeping her sister's spirit alive by taking portraits of children with Down Syndrome and making them feel as unique and beautiful as they are.

Down Syndrome is a genetic disorder caused by an extra chromosome. Wilson wants parents and family members to know that while there might be challenges with Down Syndrom, there is nothing to fear; Individuals with Down Syndrome can live long, happy lives!

Julie says that Dina was "the best thing that could have happened to our family."

It's no wonder these images are going viral, with everyone across the internet realizing the beauty of these children!

Wilson hopes that her photos will help everyone (including parents) see just how uniquely beautiful those with Down Syndrome are. Down Syndrome is simply an aspect of their lives and children with Down Syndrom have so much to give.

She hopes that these images will be spread and shared in an effort to gain awareness.

Wilson also wants these images to help people become aware of the needs associated with Down Syndrome, and help those with the disability get resources that will help them.

Thanks to Wilson, this simple act of kindness is helping children with Down Syndrome realize their own uniqueness and beauty! It's also helping parents celebrate their children for their own individualism and joy!

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