Rescue Dog Can't Stop Smiling In His New Home

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Meatball is the happiest pup you've ever seen.

Meet Meatball, the rescue dog that just can't stop smiling.

Meatball was a dog from Fresno Bully Rescue, a no-kill rescue shelter in Central Valley, California. He was just a number in the shelter, in need of a home. The shelter is dedicated to rescuing bully breed dogs, in an efforts to break the stigma around these types of breeds (i.e. American Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, American Bull Dogs, Bull Terriers, etc.). But it relies on finding happy, safe homes for the dogs. And Meatball needed a place to call his own.

According to the Dodo, Meatball was adopted by dog-lover Lisa Reilly, who saw Meatball's photo on the rescue shelter's Facebook page, and "got this feeling that he was ‘the one.'" Talk about meant to be!

One scroll through Reilly's viral Instagram account and you'll understand how she instantly fell in love with the pup. And why the internet can't stop smiling at Meatball's smiling face. He beams in every photo, letting the world know just how happy he is to have a new home!

If Reilly hadn't happened upon this adorable doggie's Facebook picture, Meatball would still be in the shelter. When she went to visit him at the shelter, she even found the poor puppy sprawled in the hot sun.

Meaty, like so many other dogs, needed a good and safe home. Because of people like Reilly and so many others, dogs like Meatball are able to smile again.

"Fresno Bully Rescue did a great job nursing Meaty from the first time I saw him until I was able to bring him home," Reilly tells The Telegraph.

"I took 3 weeks off to give Meaty time to adjust in his new home with us, but he got a severe case of kennel cough and didn't come home until my last 3 days off work."

"We are so thankful for Fresno Bully Rescue and all they did for the chunk and our growing family!"

Meatball goes by a variety of nicknames including "The Meatster" and "Meaty." When Meatball joins Reilly's husband at the police department, it's "McMeat the Crime Fighting Dog"

This small act of letting Meatball into their home has brought the family so much happiness. Meatball's smile is proof enough of how much joy he has for his new home!

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