'Pile of Puppies' Brings Joy To Ill Children In The Hospital

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These Bernese Mountain Dog puppies are out to make any child's day.

In all happened on one fateful day in April of 2015. 5-year-old Zinnia had surgery to remove a malignant brain tumor, and underwent radiation and chemotherapy.

She sought out a friend to comfort her in this time of pain and stress, and a caring friend came with something to give her some much-needed joy.


The joy came in the form of furry bundles of joy. A whole litter of Bernese Mountain Dog puppies from owner Jennifer Brightbill.

The result was an afternoon of fun and excitment for young Julia Thompson.

Jennifer Thomspon Trepanier was inspired by this act and created her own organization which she calls "Pile of Puppies". She hopes to connect ill children with dog owners and those raising puppies. This mission first started throughout Portland, OR with the goal to move throughout the Northwest and California.


It's no wonder this vision is taking off, with thousands of people discussion this on Twitter and Facebook. This beautiful mission is going totally viral.

"When you are severely sick," Trepanier said, "the best remedy are furry little bundles who unconditionally love you and ask nothing in return."


Trepanier hopes breeders and dog owners will connect to the team so they can team up and make the world brighter for children in the hospital.

What a beautiful, fluffy mission to make the world that much better.

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