Less Is More: How Downsizing Could Be The Key To Happiness

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Goodbye, stuff! Goodbye, worries!

Stuff seems nice right?

We all want that fancy mansion or a yacht to sail to our second home in Greece with. We want walk-in closets stuffed with fancy stuff. We want to watch shows all about that stuff, like the old MTV Cribs show or reruns of Extreme Home on HTV. Because what's not awesome about having a house with 3 pools, 10 hot tubs, and a giant trampoline, right?!

The Beatles sang the hit song "Can't Buy Me Love." Can you maybe buy happiness, though? It all sounds great on paper. But does stuff make you truly joyful?

Consider Amie Tollefsrud, who tracked her downsizing (in detail) over the past 18 months. Tollefsrud went from owning a city apartment and two cars to buying a tiny house on wheels. Her husband and her shared a love of travel, and making this one change made their lives into something much simpler.

Now with the change, she says they are truly happy.

"We rarely spend days off at home, opting instead to go to the beach, watch the sunset, surf, or hike. Every day is fulfilling, not because we have accumulated a new designer outfit but because we have played in the salty air and laughed about the fact that my underwear is hanging outside in plain view," she said on her blog mindbodygreen.

It was because of their downsizing that she was able to do all these things with her husband.

"We've both finally come to realize that life is about experiences, not things."

And it's that what life is all about!


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