12 Hipster Backpacks That Should Replace Your Laptop Bag


Get rid of that satchel, there's a new hip bag in town.

1. The Sprayground Backpack


Love pop-art of want to rock a bag with wings? Sprayground let's be your inner cool-kid while still being practical. You can rock a Marvel-themed backpack or pull off a supper-trendy print.

2. The Fjällräven Kanken Bag


H&M, IKEA, and Skype. All marvelous things that came out of Sweden. We'll here is another Swedish company to add that list: Fjällräven The company boasts a whole line of camping and hiking gear, but their backpacks are nothing short of perfection. They even have a backpack called the Re-Kanken made of recycled plastic bottles. Talk about trendy!

3. The Classy Charles & Keith


Want something a little more classy for office life? Charles & Keith have it covered with their all-white backpack. While the all-white might be a little intimidating, this trending bag sure seems worth the risk.

4. The Functional Herschel Backpack


Pretty much every cool hipster from Brooklyn is rocking one of these babies. You can either get the one with giant straps or stick to the traditional. Either way, you can't go wrong with a Herschel Bag

5. The Forever 21 Simple Backpack


Need a cute AND cheap bag to grab and head off to work with? This Forever 21 Backpack is the perfect option. And at $24.90, you won't be busting your wallet.

6. The Sandqvist


Backpacks are cool and function, but you don't want to look like a schoolkid heading to work! The Sandqvist screams, "Fashionable Adult!" while still maintaining the ease of keeping your work stuff on your back.

7. The Dusen Dusen Backpack


The bag so cool, they named it twice. Look no further for a cool (but neutral) printed backpack, The Dusen Dusen is a perfect travel companion. This denim screen-printed bag is perfect for back-to-school or back-to-work.

8. Alite Bike To Beach Bag

Alite via http://www.refinery29.com/

Is it a beach bag or a backpack? Well, it's both. The Alite Bag has large enough straps, you can carry it both ways, and enough room to carry your laptop. It's mostly canvas​, so that means an easy cleanup for you!

9. The Eolie Max B Backpack


Want a combination tote/backpack? The Eolie Max B is a leather, sewn glory. The perfect mix between a fancy hand-held and a backpack so you can have hands-free.

10. The EG Burberry Backpack

MVC Photo

Burberry Bags can be quite expensive, but this bag is worth the splurge. It mimics a waterproof trench, so it's good for any weather, totally sensible and will match practically anything.

11. The Kavu Rope Bag


Rock that one-shoulder with the newest trendy backpack. The Seattle-based company backpacks are selling out with their uber-trendy prints and the functional multi-use pockets. The Rope Bag is consistently their most popular, so you will want to get it fast!

12. BONDI Backpack


The seamlessly stylish backpack are great for the the commuter, traveler, or even the gym obsessor. The Bondi bag doesn't look it, but it can hold a weekend's worth of clothes. It'll have you packin.


And just like that, you have all your stuff, and get to live totally hands-free.

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