Elizabeth Warren To Endorse Hillary Clinton: Report


"this is what Democrats united to beat @realDonaldTrump look like.”

1. June 8th Elizabeth Warren announced she is officially endorsing Hillary for Prez.


2. She voiced her thoughts on the Democratic campaign by taking to Twitter.


And asked Donald Trump if he's ready...


3. And we are all wondering one thing: "Will she be Hillary Clinton's running mate?!"


4. Adding Warren, a well-known fiery Wallstreet critic (and often-called Katness Everdeen of politics) would mean a political candidate with a willingness to break up the big banks.


5. Many political correspondences say that adding Warren to the campaign could mean one thing--a perfect way to win over those that were, "Feelin' the Bern!"


6. If the duo ran together it would mean a renewed progressive (and millennial) audience for the Dems.


7. So we are all betting Hillz will bring in Warren to the Democratic Campaign Party party.


8. And be a bad-ass woman big-bank fight duo.


But only time will tell if Warren will step up to the plate.

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