Beer Goggles Are Totally A Thing, And They Work More On Women

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That hottie might actually be nottie.

You've heard of the phenomenon, you get a few drinks and meet some gorgeous guy at the bar. You're chatting up and decide he is the most beautiful thing you've ever seen. You make out a little bit, or decide to get his number. Then you realize in the morning that he isn't so sexy after all.

Well, now you can not rest easy knowing that science has proven that alcohol really removes inhibitions for sexual behavior with just about anyone, and it suggests that women get "beer goggles" even worse.

Scientists at Basel University in Switzerland collected data from 60 volunteers between the ages of 18 and 50.

They tested the cognitive social effects of alcohol. And according to the Guardian, once these volunteers chugged a liter of beer, both males and females were "more attracted to happy faces and social situations."

Women were more likely to view sexually explicit images in the study than those that didn't consume the beer.

By why the difference between males and females?

Professor Wim van den Brink, of the study explained:

"The sex differences in the findings can either be explained by differences in blood alcohol concentration between males and females with the same alcohol intake, differences in tolerance due to differences in previous levels of alcohol consumption or by socio-cultural factors."

Essentially, alcohol is a social lubricant, but because women's bodies are different, we tend to have an increse in BAC faster than men.

So that cutie that you thought was a cutie but was actually not and hooked up with on accident because you had a few too many drinks?

Yup, you can now site a legit study and actually blame in on the alcohol.

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