5 Reasons Stoned Sex is Better Than Drunk Sex

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Sorry alcohol, weed wins.

Having drunk sex is a bit like eating a banana split. It's sometimes really good, messy, and fun. But just like eating a banana split, there are some risks to it. You might regret it later on, or get to a point where you're so sloppy and messy about it that it's just not enjoyable anymore. But sex while high, it's like one scoop of the ice cream flavor you really wanted. A research study at New York University suggests that just with the widespread use and acceptance of marijuana, more and more couples are opting to have stoned sex rather than drunk sex.

Let's preface this by saying that with any drug, it's important to be hyper aware. Make sure to talk to your partner about boundaries before (and during) when you decide to have sex under the influence. Consent is key!

Here's why couples are going for stoned sex instead of getting it on while drunk.

1. You Can Have High Sex Without Regrets

Respondents in the study "overwhelmingly reported that alcohol use was more likely to (negatively) affect the partners they chose." Both men and women stated that with weed it was much less of an issue.

And with less drunken stranger hookups comes less feeling of regret the morning after. "The most commonly reported feeling after sex on alcohol was regret," the report says. "Both males and females commonly reported that regret, shame and embarrassment were associated with alcohol use, but this was rarely reported for marijuana."

No need to put on those beer goggles with a partner you are ready to be passionate with, it might just be more fun to take a hit or two.

2. Pot Enhances the Pleasure

We've all heard of whiskey dck causing the situation to be a little bit "harder" (or less hard *if you know what I mean) for the couple to engage. Women also get a bit of a pleasure numbing with excess amounts of alcohol in their system. It may seem fun at the time, but the pleasure isn't enhanced.

With marijuana, the pleasure intensified. The report found that both men and women on marijuana led to "more tender, slow and compassionate sexual acts, and to involve more sensation and sensuality than alcohol." They also found that men and women reported having longer and more intense orgasms on marijuana, with one woman reporting hers were "magnified at least by five times."

Talk about smokin'!

3. You're Not Hungover For Round 2

This is pretty self-explanatory! For anyone that's ever had drunk sex, waking up for round two with a hangover and a painful headache is usually a "no go." Stoned sex means more time to get busy, and waking up to a partner that is good to go again in the morning.

Nausea, dizziness, feeling sick, and even vomiting might be involved in your drunk night out with your partner. The only weird part of having stoned sex is that you start thinking about it more. "You're so high (on marijuana) ... you start thinking sex is weird. 'What is sex?'" a female respondent reported.

4. It Might Just Be Safer

"With regard to sexual risk behavior, the majority of participants felt that alcohol was riskier, sexually, than marijuana," Palamar from the New York University study and his colleagues wrote.

Participants in the study generally said they felt more in control, and engaged in less risky behavior (i.e. not wearing a condom). They were more like to remember protection while stone. One participant attributed this to the paranoia that sometimes comes with being stoned. When you're drunk you inhibitions are gone, while stoned you are generally less like to take part in something totally risky.


So there you have it! Stoned sex is the way to go. So out with the liquor and in with the budd!

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