28 Problems Every Type-A Person Will Understand

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An organized list of problems that are seriously Type-A.

1. You have WAY too many highlighters, colored pens, containers, and organization material.

2. You live and breathe by your to-do list.

Because you create so many lists, your lists even have lists.

3. You don't know how to comprehend the word "lazy."

Does that mean sleeping in until 7 or something?

4. You are SUPER prone to stress. Actually, being stressed is your default setting.


5. You have a don't understand the point of sleep.

You love it, but it's such a waste of time. You could be doing a million other amazing things. Like organizing your closet for the millionth time.

6. You spend way too much money at the Container Store.

Never in your life did you find such a perfect store, but now they have all your money.

7. You are always the boss or leader of the group.

Because you know what's best.

8. You walk way too fast for your friends to keep up.

They are practically SNAILS compared to you!

9. Being 5 minutes early is pretty much "running late" for you.

10. You always put two things first: school and your career.

Vacation? What's a vacation?

11. Your competitive side comes out a LOT.

Your friends have already banned you from game night.

12. This is your literal nightmare.

13. You cleaned and organized so many things, you have to find something else to organize.

14. You LIVE to win!

15. You rarely miss your personal deadline that you set for yourself, but when you do...

16. You have a low tolerance for people who are incompetent and disorganized.

17. You have no understanding for "It can't be done."

18. No one will EVER understand the joy that comes from color-coding things.

19. You sometimes drive yourself mad trying to be the most efficient you possibly can.

You've set so many timers for yourself, you can't get any faster.

20. You often interrupt people when they are talking, but it's usually because what you have to say is more important.

21. You go a little insane anytime someone disorganizes something that's already perfect.

Your way was always the better way.

22. You ALWAYS run of of space in your planner.

23. Sometimes people think your relationship with your label maker is "weird."

It's not. It's a very healthy and loving relationship.

24. You coordinate too many people's calendars with your own.

And for some reason that comes off as creepy or something...

25. You often get called a "micromanager."

When really know you you can do something way better than anyone else.

26. Sitting through lines, meetings, and waiting in the airport is a slow and painful death.

27. The only kind of social events you attend are networking events.

28. You can't seriously understand why people draw outside the line or don't follow the rules.

And even though you sometimes have problems to deal with, you know type-As get things done.