14 Times Nashville Gave You All The Feels

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Nashville, Tennessee where the country music feels reign supreme.

1. When Juliette found her mother Jolene and her ex-boyfriend Dante dead.

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And you felt the death of love DEEP in your country heart.

2. When Maddie discovered who her real father was


And she has no idea how to treat Deacon after the news... and you finally feel like you can get a break on the show because...


you too wanted it to be him so badly.



3. When Juliette found out she was pregnant with Avery's baby.


Then Avery finds out and cries. And we cry too because dammit, he deserves to know!!!

4. When Rayna gave Deacon the engagement ring back.


And you wanted to remind her how stupidly in love they were but also were okay with it because you also love Deacon. #Blessherpoorlittleheart

5. When Scarlett visited Deacon in the hospital and confronted him about his drinking...


6. And Gunnar showed up at Scarlett’s door and told her Deacon had cancer.

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And they sob, and hold each other, and you just want to hold them too.

7. At Beverly’s funeral when everyone was just an emotional mess.

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And you were an emotional mess.

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Emotional wreck*

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And you couldn't stop the feels or thinking, "UGH Deacon! You need them more than ever right now!"

8. When Juliette admitted to Avery her true feelings.


And like you just couldn't help but cry for a little bit, because Juliette is hard stuff, but you too have smile cried over a guy.

9. When Daphne was worried about things changing after the wedding and Rayna was just the best mom.


And just had all of the right words.


And you were like "I love you too Daphne!"

10. When Rayna was in a coma, and everything seemed lost.


And you just couldn't understand why Nashville kept playing with your stupid heart strings.

11. EVERY TIME a character sang an emotional song.



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12. When Juliette was worried she didn't deserve Avery.


Because as crazy as she is you were like everyone deserves love Juliette!

13. When Deacon and Rayna finally started acting like a family.


And you just loved those guys.

14. When Deacon and Rayna FINALLY got married.


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