23 Pictures That Only Middle Children Will Understand

middle child, family

1. The moment your life forever changed.

2. And you fall in that awkward parenting limbo

3. You are constantly compared to your older sibling.

4. But you still had to share things with your younger sibling.

5. You are old enough to help with the chores.

6. But too young to hang with the cool older kids.

7. Consistently being ignored is typical for you.

But you're always somewhere in the background.

8. Even your family know it's true.

9. Being forgotten is a whole other issue.

10. And your parents usually just call you by your siblings name.

11. Sitting shotgun? You understand that is a luxury you will never have.

12. You always have to resolve family conflicts.

13. But always blamed for the fights

14. You still get picked on by the older silbing

15. And have to babysit the younger one

16. You aren't sure where you really fit in most of the time

17. So you try fit in somwhere

18. You learned early on that you had to stand out to get recognition

19. So you've done a lot of weird things around your family

20. Yet you remain unique because you have to stand out some way!

21. And even though you got 0% of the attention

22. You still love your siblings

23. And do anything for them


But we rock the Middle Child life anyway! Share with your family or the middle children of your life!