20 People Who Never Learned How To Eat Candy

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Just take the Twix and put it in your mouth.

1. This person who thought they were badass enough to eat a KitKat like this.

Sorry, but if this is you trying to be a rebel. You NEED to evaluate your life decisions.

2. This person that thinks they are SO cool by just eating out the center of the Reeses.

But like, how do you even do that?

3. This time Kourtney thought it was a good idea to SEPARATE an individual KITKAT in HALF.

Because AS IF separating it five times isn't enough.

4. Any person that thinks it's ok to bite right to the middle of the tootsie pop.

The Tootsie Pop owl would NOT approve.

5. Whoever decided that this would be an acceptable "gingerbread house."

No one wants to go to the veggie house. NO ONE.

6. Sugar-free, gluten-free, low fat NOPE.

If you are going to buy candy (unless you have health reasons) then just DON'T buy this, ok? You don't know how to eat it until you go ALL in.

7. Whoever decided to scrap the chocolate and caramel off the top of a Twix bar.

Someone needs to arrest this person, pronto.

8. The person that decided to glob all of the Twizzlers together and just take a giant bite out of it.

Whoever this is is probably hanging out with KITKAT guy...

9. Whoever intentionally splits the chocolate bar like THIS.

There are lines for a reason!

10. Whoever uses Red Vines as straws...

I'm sorry do you like your coke with a side of mushy Red Vine?! Didn't think so.

11. This person with WAY too much time on their hands.

All you have to do is put them in your mouth. That's IT.

12. This man who just can't seem to decide what end to go, so then goes straight for the middle.

Just because you are in Willy Wonka's chocolate factory doesn't mean you get to behave like an animal!

13. And this lady that SERIOUSLY doesn't know how to put the candy in her mouth.

Come on! You can do it!


15. Whoever created this candy cane "How to" guide.

Is it fun for you to make a sword or something? Because honestly this is just maddening.

16. George during this episode of Seinfeld


17. This person that stripped the Milky Way naked.

And then what? You just eat the mushy inside by itself?

18. The person that thought using a KITKAT as a straw was a good idea.

19. These Mars bars that have been cut up and served on a plate.

Nope. That's not how you do this.

20. Also this KITKAT that's been stripped down.

Why must we keep mutilating the KITKAT?!

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