17 Times Hanna-Barbera Cartoons Made Us Say “Nope”

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Hanna Barbera cartoons were pretty messed up.

1. The time that Fred tried to compare the desert to women.

Hanna Barbera

Ha. Not funny Fred.

2. The time Jane Jetson had to put her face on before she could go out into the world.

Hanna Barbera

"Can't have anyone seeing me looking like this! Hold up, let me put my other face on."

3. Any time Judy complained about boys.

Hanna Barbera

Nope, sorry Judy we aren't interested in you boy drama. We have bigger problems in the world.

4. The time Wilma Flintstone explained her relationship.

Hanna Barbera

Is that really how marriage works Hanna-Barbera?

5. The time Judy Jetson threw a party.


Dancing nose to nose is our favorite dance too!

Nope. No it's not.

6. The time advertisers went way too far.


You probably shouldn't promote smoking in a cartoon.

7. Any time Velma lost her glasses.

Hanna Barbera

Can't you just let poor Velma keep on her glasses for ONE episode! She can't SEE!

8. The time George Jetson thought his wife was spending too much.

Hanna Barbera

Nope is written all over this. Not ok.

9. The time the Flintstones celebrated Christmas.

Hanna Barbera

Nope, it didn't existed back then.

10. The time Judy Jetson feels for another guy.


No thanks mullet guy.

11. The time Judy was just "relaxing at home."

Hanna Barbera

Nope, I'm sorry if you think that this is just how women like to spend all their time.

12. The time Judy was hypnotized.

Hanna Barbera

Attractive men can't turn us all into zombies.

13. The time Wilma gave some strange advice.

Hanna Barbera

Nope, that's pretty weird.

14. The time the maid, Rosie, had to follow around and cleanup.

Hanna Barbera

15. And then the same thing happened at the Flintstones.


Nope, this is not what ladies are meant to do.

16. The time Barney Rubble got creative.


17. The time Daphne was "cursed" by gaining weight.

Hana Barbera

Probably the worst plot line in a cartoon ever.


Nope, Hanna Barbera. Looks like you got a little loony toons on us.

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