15 Times Modern Family Made You Tear Up

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Because you can laugh AND cry at this show.

1. The time Jay reminded us what being a dad is really all about.


When Manny was sad about his dad leaving town and ditching him, Jay swooped in to comfort him in the cutest way. "Ninety percent of being a dad is just showing up," he Jays. And boy does he show up.

2. When Alex gives a moving graduation speech.


Alex is about to make a big graduation speech and publicly shame the popular kids. Haley admits to Alex that she's struggling (even as a popular kid). Inspired by her sister, Alex changes the speech. It's beautiful and the whole family is proud.

3. When Haley is absolutely terrified whether she'll get into college or not, and then she finds out she got in!


Talk about heart-wrenching, when Luke hides the acceptance letter so she won't go. And then Haley finally realizes she gets to go to college, and the whole family is SO PROUD.

4. When Gloria breaks down, and explains how hard it is for her to speak in a second language all the time.

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And because of it, Jay decides he's going to learn Spanish for her! ❤️

5. When Cam admitted he thought Mitch would leave him because of the stress of getting a baby.


"I was scared that it was just going to all be too much for you and that you were going to leave. And I was going to be the one taking care of a baby and half her name would belong to the guy who left us," said Cam. Mitch would never leave you Cam. And it's ok to be scared, tear

6. When Cam and Mitchell FINALLY got baby Lily.


And the whole family welcomed her home.

7. When Haley talks to her dad about how she's growing up and becoming an adult.


Phil Dunphy really puts things into perspective and says he trusts Haley on her dating decisions. Haley is pretty amazed by her dad, and it's so touching. tear

8. When Jay gets to dance with his granddaughter.


Lily's nervous about her performance, and Jay helps her get over her fear. Tell me this is not the cutest thing ever?! * Happy tears *

9. When Claire finally realizes the pressure Alex is under.


Alex felt all the pressure to be perfect. Claire realizes all the stress she is putting on her daughter. Alex hugs her and cries, and then you cry too.

10. When Phil is protective of his little girl.


Haley is dating an older guy, and Phil can't handle it. Then he says the most precious thing: "That's my little girl I need her to know that no guy on Earth is good enough for her." CRYING.

11. When Jay admits he stayed married for his kids.


"I realized staying with my kids was more important than leaving my wife, now that's not the right decision for everyone, but that was the right decision for me, so I stuck it out until they were grown," Jay admitted to them. Sometimes love shows up in unexpected ways.

12. When Phil and Claire renewed their vows.


In Hawaii. With the WHOLE family. And just the way the couple planned it.

13. When Gloria admits to Jay she can't do it alone this time.


The baby's on its way and Gloria is nervous and scared. So obviously we tear up because having a baby is scary stuff. Jay comforts her by saying he's going to be around, as best as he can.

14. When Gloria has the baby.


I mean? What else can you say. Babies make everyone happy cry.

15. When the family takes a portrait and it's perfect.


Yes, covered in mud isn't the ideal picture, but it's still perfect. Because it's real.


The Dunphy's sure know how to make us sob.