14 Times You Wanted Emilia Clarke to Be Your Girlfriend

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Her smile makes you feel all the things.

1. Anytime Emelia Clarke's smile lights up a room.

You know that face would be really great if you took her home to meet the family.

2. And when she proved she could have all the fun being a blonde AND a brunette.

3. Also, all of her cover photo shoot that make her seem goofy and approachable.

4. Anytime you watch her on Game of Thrones.

She basically OWNS the made-up world of Seven Kingdoms. An you know she'd slay at ruling our world. 😍

5. When she’s ruthless when it comes to feminism.


Case in point.

6. When she recreated the famous line from "Game of Thrones" but changed it around a little.

You don't need a boyfriend, Emelia, you need us.

7. Any time you see her in the trailer of "Me Before You."

You could be a whole person with us Emelia. Let us make you happy! 😢

8. Bascially anything from her Vogue Australia cover.

Like, why can't this just be me?!


9. When she showed us her amazing eyebrow talents.

10. When she decided to take on more than one universe.

You can fight in the made-up world, and space?! How about you let us fight for you?

11. Any time she has an interview and says something adorable.

It's so much better in a British accent.

12. Any time she's on snapchat.

Even with a mustache she looks stunning.

13. This time she pretended to be a bunny.

14. This time she was caught by the paparazzi and was totally cute about it.

Oh Emelia, you've got our heart.