13 Times Reminiscing About the 90s Made You Weep

crying, 90's, pop culture

Being a 90's kid was perfect and thinking about it just makes us want to crying.

1. When you watch old music videos and actually remember seeing them on MTV


Back when Britney was rocking her prep schoolgirl look.

2. When you thought about the precious love you have for your Beanie Babies


You had such a special bond. Now where are they?

3. When you think about how you used to dress.


You definitely cry at the thought of your former look, and regret any fanny pack ever worn.

4. When you remember all the braided keychains you made.


They used to hang so perfectly on your Lisa Frank backpack.

5. When you remember Cory and Topanga's young love.


They were so perfect for each other. No on-screen couple will ever compare to them.

6. When you find a bunch of notes you passed in class


And of course they are all written with milky pens.

7. When you think about how much Will Smith has grown up.


From Fresh Prince to award-winning actor. We are so proud of him.

8. When you remember all the effort you put into making mix-tapes


Because they were on actually tapes, and you had to hand-write all the songs.

9. When you think about the first time you saw the *Titanic*.


Rose and Jack were just too much to handle. They could've built a future together, if only they could fit on that raft. * sobs *

10. When you think about how great your favorite bands would be if they had stayed together.


NSYNC and Spice Girls WE ARE LOOKING AT YOU. Still hanging onto the hope of a reunion tour.

11. When you think about all the VHS tapes that are gone forever...


You still can't believe your mom got rid of them in that garage sale.

12. When you wonder whatever happened to your beloved Tamagotchi


It probably has a little skull icon right now. :'(

13. When you think about how much you spend on hair products now.


And all you needed for a makeover back then was to buy one of these babies.


You never thought reminiscing could make you cry so much. Too bad you can't pull out that CoverGirl compact and touch up. Just like you did in the 90s.