13 Times Laverne And Shirley Gave You BFF Goals

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A classic TV show that gave us some seriously perfect best friends.

1. Every time the intro started and they did their best friend chant and walk.


You know you all have something like this with your BFF. Or WISH you did.

2. The time that Shirley gave Lavern a lift on her bike.


And acted like a total weirdo. Because who isn't a weirdo with their BFF?

3. When they went shopping and reminded each other to be careful with their purchases.


BFFs let you know when you are splurging.

4. When they both got stuck on the coat hanger and tried to help each other get off.


You really only get caught in the craziest scenarios with your best friend.

5. The time they try to help out Carmine by putting together a variety show.


Because only you and your BFF would look ridiculous to help someone out.

6. When Shirley teaches Lavern how to drive (using food).


"Shouldn't we use the beans for the gas?"

7. When Shirley accepted Laverne's fashion choices and let her totally embrace the "L" shirt.

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8. When they accidentally knocked out the pilot and had to fly a plane together.


And had a totally best friend moment of happiness when they landed.


9. When Laverne and Shirley worked in the diner together.


And coordinated the process in perfect best-friendship.

10. The time Shirley reminded us of what "ride or die" truly means.


Because even if you're in jail, your best friend comes to comfort you.

11. The time Laverne reminded Shirley just how much she knew about her life...


Because only BFFs have the secret info you are trying to hide.

12. The time they made living in a basement apartment look cool.


13. And the time they helped each other get ready for the night out.


Because you know this is totally you and your best friend.


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