13 Signs You Grew Up In A Military Family

military kid

AFN commercials are both the BEST and the WORST.

1. "Where are you from?" is the hardest question to answer.


2. You stand up and wait for the Nation Anthem at the movies.


Wait what? Movies don't begin by listening to the Nation Anthem first?

3. The ABCs were totally different for you.


A is for Alpha. B is for Bravo. C is for Charley.

4. Keeping in touch long-distance is basically your b*th.


A 4 month deployment is a BREEZE!

5. You know what MRE's are.


And just thinking about them gives you a stomach ache.

6. You sometimes don't get popular culture references because you were probably overseas that year.


7. The day you got your first ID card was basically Christmas


You felt like a REAL kid with your own piece of plastic in your pocket

8. You've spent plenty of Holiday dinners at the mess hall.


Yeah, it's cafeteria style but the food is REALLY good!

9. You still sometimes call grocery stores "the commissary"


Regular stores are the BX, the PX, or the Shopette.

10. You are a BEAST at packing and unpacking.


You have moving down to a science.

11. AFN commercials were both the FUNNIEST and the WORST.


"Breaking curfew wasn't worth all this!"

12. You have friends all over the world.


Basically any time you travel you have a free place to stay and someone to visit!

13. Any time anyone says they are military, you instantly connect to them.


Because they understand exactly what it's like to be a military brat too.


You wouldn't trade your up-bringing for anything!

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