13 Reasons Eating Spicy Food Means You're Highly Intelligent

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Spicy food makes you smart, the proofs in the sriracha.

1. Spicy food is healthy for you.


A better metabolism makes a clearer thinker. Intelligent and healthy people would be all over that.

2. It makes you clever and creative.


No one wants bland food. You like to be creative and experiment with your food by adding spice, and creative people are just the smartest.

3. It helps you think on your toes.


When you have the WORST cold, and you already know to sprinkle some cayenne into your food. Which means you're basically an MD, and can think super fast.

4. It makes you confidently smart.


No normal person wants to be sweaty and have a burning mouth. You have to be smart to know that it's going to be ok if you put this spicy thing in your mouth. That's intelligence right there.

5. It makes you cultured.


Intelligent people have experienced new cultures, food, and tastes. Spice is in a LOT of cultural dishes. You must be refined and smart enough to try them.

6. It builds your emotional intelligence.

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Spicy food releases feel-good endorphins. What smart person wouldn't want more of that in their life?

7. It builds mental stamina.


Eating spicy food hurts so good. And what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right? So chowing down on spicy food also really helps you build mental strength.

8. Eating spicy food expands your food knowledge.


You know all the spices, including: chili peppers, curry, jalapeƱos, Sriracha, and cayenne pepper. Basically you expand your mind trying to come up with all the yummy spicy things you love.

9. It makes you daring.


Sometimes you really don't know how spicy that pepper is going to be until you pop it in your mouth. So take a bite of that crazy spicy pepper, you intelligent, badass risk-taker.

10. And can make you old and wise.

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Yes, that's right. Spicy food has so many health benefits that you might even live longer because of it. So eat it like crazy and you might just become a wise spicy-food eater.


But mostly you are highly intelligent because you love spicy food and don't give a shit about what anyone says.