10 Reasons to Thank Your Parents for Your Nomadic Childhood

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Moving while you were young was tough, but it made you a stronger person.

1. Thank them for helping you learn how to be independent.


Your parents taught you that if you are going to survive, you had better work hard. It gave you the strength to do things on your own, and that you didn't need anyone else to be happy.

2. Thank them for taking you around the world.


The average person would never guess what you've been able to see and experience. Though moving was tough, you have a million and one incredible experiences around the world. Not to mention you are a pro at any form of transportation thanks to your parents.

3. Thank them for pushing you out of your comfort zone.


No, you didn't want to move initially. But after time you learned that things get better. And the more your parents pushed you out of your comfort zone, the more you were able to grow.

4. Thank them for letting you meet some of your best friends.


You never would've met some of your best friends if they hadn't moved to where they were.

5. Thank them for helping you learn to be comfortable around strangers.


Moving somewhere new meant you were always around strangers. Thank your parents for allowing you to be comfortable around the awkwardness until the strangers became friends.

6. Thank them for making you resilient.


Learning when to leave, change, and keep at it was one of the most important things you needed to learn in your adult life. Moving helped you come back from challenges, and your parents reminded you that you can get through anything with their love and support.

7. Thank them for letting you experience new cultures.


You didn't experience a normal childhood, seeing the same people grow up with you. You got to meet and experience different parts of the world some people only get to visit. You were immersed into places and cultures you grew to know and love.

8. Thank them for helping you learn that relationships aren't always about being in the same place.


Sometimes the best relationships are sustained by long phone calls or letters in the mail. When you move, your best friend could be on the other side of the world and nothing would change.

9. Thank them for allowing you to be comfortable in different environments.


You've lived in cities, the suburbs, and even small towns in the middle of nowhere. Wherever you go in the future, whether it be for work or for family -- you know you'll be just fine.

10. Thank them for reminding you that family is forever.


We can leave and go from place to place, but family will forever be by your side.


Because even though moving around was hard, you wouldn't have grown up any other way.


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