10 Pictures Only Folks From The Midwest will Understand

snow, shorts, Midwest

Cornhole is life!

1. This game is always played at family functions

2. Driving in this weather is pretty typical!

3. This is WAY better then any Starbucks.

And it's WAY better.

4. This condiment goes on pretty much anything.

Ranch is essentially the nectar of the gods.

5. Dairy products are taken VERY seriously.

But you know for a fact that the cheese/frozen custard/creme puffs are seriously good.

6. This is the average scenery when driving through the midwest.

OR this:

7. The necklace to wear with pride.

And what it represents:

8. Fried foods are taken to a whole other level.

Fried butter!

Fried Watermelon!

Fried Oreos!

FRIED Coke!!!

9. If it's 40 degrees or warmer, it's shorts weather.

10. Team rivalries can divide families.

Don't even try to make them get along.

And no matter where you go in the Midwest, you know you will alway experience that Midwestern kindness!

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