Only A Real Gilmore Girl Can Complete These 22 Iconic Quotes. Can YOU?

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gilmore girls via Warner Bros.

Do you love Gilmore Girls as much as Lorelai loves coffee? Well then, prove it!

Finish these 22 iconic quotes from the hit show Gilmore Girls to prove that you are a true fan. It might be trickier than you think though!

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Gilmore Girls fan? Here's your perfect opportunity to prove once and for all that you are a true fan. Maybe even an expert, that is, when it comes to all things Star's Hollow, Rory, Lorelai and coffee related. If you've been watching the show closely, then you should have no problem filling in the blank on these twenty-two iconic quotes. Caution, however, it might be a little trickier than you're expecting! Think you're up to the challenge? If Gilmore Girls isn't your thing, don't fret! has you covered with a wide variety of trivia and personality quizzes. So go ahead and take that well-deserved break from your hectic day!

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