Spread the Love: Things to Do With Your Friends This V-Day

Spread the Love: Things to Do With Your Friends This V-Day
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Murali Nethi, CEO & Founder at SnapBlooms.com shares his V-Day recs!

Chocolates, jewelry, and red roses - these are the main gifts that come to mind when we think of what to give our significant other on Valentine’s Day. And naturally, these are the first items to fly off the shelves once February 14th comes around. Amid the pandemic, there’s an average spending in 2022 expected to reach $21.8 billion, making it clear that there remains a special significance to the holiday. But what if we took this commitment further and made this day special not just for our partners but also our friends and family?

Grab a group of your closest friends and take a look at the top four ways to spread even more love this Valentine’s Day.

Plan a DIY Spa Day


As couples get busy with last-minute reservations in cramped fancy restaurants and spas, you can ditch the time-consuming bargaining and plan your own DIY Spa Day right from the comfort of your home. You can order the materials and flowers online to ambient your space with the most subtle yet relaxing fragrances for your spa day.

  • Jasmines: The flower offers a distinctive and pleasantly intoxicating smell, which stimulates the release of serotonin and has antidepressant effects. In addition to these qualities, jasmine oil aids stress release and can induce good quality sleep, making it a must-have for your spa day.

  • Lotus Flowers: You usually see lotus flowers in spa logos, and for very good reason. The flower symbolizes resurrection and rebirth and is considered a sacred symbol because it depicts the ways of life.

  • Cedarwood Oil: Derived from foliage and cedar tree roots, this oil helps the body release toxins and improves the immune system. When used in massages, it can help increase the feeling of calmness, creating perfect conditions for sleep and relaxation.

Secret Cupid Gift Exchange


What would Valentine’s Day be without heartfelt gifts, really? As a way to honor the surprise and sentimental symbolism of the holiday, you can prepare a secret cupid gift exchange event. Each of your friends can actively participate by finding the best personal gift for another person in the group.

Popular gifts often include perfumes, lotions, and of course, flowers. The most common flowers to symbolize friendship are yellow, with their vibrant petals, sure to bring cheer and joy to the receiver. Complete your secret cupid gift with sunflowers, yellow dahlias, hibiscus, or daffodils and instantly brighten your friends’ day.

Go For a Weekend Getaway


Sometimes getting out of the city makes way for a memorable, new, and exciting adventure in a scenic route. A getaway with friends is a clever way to escape your daily routine and make meaningful memories with those you really care about.

You can go as far as booking a 5-star hotel in an exotic location, a cozy Airbnb in the countryside, or even try glamping or camping. Although planning a weekend getaway does require a lot more planning than a normal night out, it’ll definitely be worth it.

Visit Your Local Themepark


If you’re feeling extra adventurous, you can take advantage of short lines for fun rides and attractions and bright lights and carnival games in your local theme park. There’s something captivating about the local performances and the general cheery feel of a fair or amusement park that you and your friends can enjoy. Whether it’s a day trip to a water park or a night out at your local park, you can never go wrong with roller coasters and elephant ears to bring out the inner child in you and ensure a good time.

As February 14th approaches, plan to spend time with your special loved ones who deserve as much attention as your romantic partners. Whether it’s something small and intimate at home or getting out and about, it’s the thought that counts to help brighten their day and spread even more love this holiday season.

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