Quiz: You'll Only Ace This Test If You Grew Up In A Danish Family


Alle Baader hioelpe.... Every little bit helps.

Holidays, food and rich culture all are found in Danish tradition. See if you're from a true Danish family by taking this quiz!

 Apr 16, 2017
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What are people from Denmark referred to as?
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Many Danish traditions are based around _____________ holidays.
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Dinner is referred to as _____________ .
4 of 10Pick an answer!
_______________ is Carnival celebrated in Denmark the Sunday or Monday before Ash Wednesday.
Sankt Valentins Dag
5 of 10Pick an answer!
Guests at a dinner do not begin eating until the host says _________ .
6 of 10Pick an answer!
________________ is often eaten for breakfast with cheese or jam.
7 of 10Pick an answer!
An __________ wreath is used to count down to Christmas.
8 of 10Pick an answer!
Which saint wore candles on her head while feeding the poor and is celebrated in December?
St. Cecilia
St. Lucia
St. Maria Goretti
9 of 10Pick an answer!
If ______________ is prepared for dinner you must be celebrating Easter.
roast lamb
10 of 10Pick an answer!
_________________ is a special Danish festival falling on the fourth Friday after Easter Sunday.
Denmark's Liberation
Great Prayer Day
Valdemar's Day
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