Quiz: Only A True Intellectual Can Ace This 15 Question Grammar Challenge!

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What is the shortest sentence in the English language?

I before E except after C! Are you a total master of English grammar? Find out by completing this quiz!

 Jul 09, 2017
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"I" is the oldest English word. Usually, it indicates what point of view?
Second person
Third person
First person
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What is an example of alliteration?
Have a nice day.
The ocean smiled at the sky.
She sells seashells by the seashore.
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__________ are spelled the same way backwards and forwards.
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Nothing rhymes with the word ___________ .
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Which sentence has a preposition?
She went over the river.
Her dress was red.
My dog's name is Fluffy.
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What is an example of a conjunction?
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Which sentence is grammatically correct?
One of them liking apples.
One of them likes apples.
One of them like apples.
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The titles of books, magazines, and movies should be ______________ .
in quotations
in bold
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Which spelling uses a contraction?
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Which is the correct sentence?
Sarah and I are getting a dog.
Me and Sarah are getting a dog.
Sarah and me are getting a dog.
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What is the direct object in "I'm eating a lemon"?
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__________ are used to show possession.
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Which word is a proper noun?
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Which is an example of an interjection?
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Which sentence is correct?
Its' very hot outside.
Its very hot outside.
It's very hot outside.
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